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Spiffy reprint of a classic issue of my old film fanzine Wet Paint. Set the WayBack Machine to 1991, when horror film fandom was in full flower -- there was no internet, and horror fans had to communicate through letters and publications such as these! This blast of nostalgia is an almost-identical recreation of this fun issue. 


The Two Doctor Lecters by Jeff Smith

Interview with Tiffany Bolling by Kris Gilpin

Red Dwarf - Article/Episode Guide by JS

Death Carries a Cane - Review by Craig Ledbetter

Brecht, Three Peters, and The Ruling Class by Dennis Fischer

Edward Scissorhands: Anatomy of a Deal by DF

Interview with Scream Queen Michelle Bauer by JS

Made in Japan II by JS

MovieMania - Capsule Reviews

Encounters of the Spooky Kind by Bill Connolly

Adam West and Me by Jon Park


32 pages, Magazine format


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