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Twenty-five years after retiring my film fanzine Wet Paint comes a new one-off issue chock-full of cool and fannish contents, with contributions from some of fandom's finest. This blockbuster is 52 pages with full-color covers by JE Smith and Steve Bissette. 



Sister Tempest: A Study in Strange by JE Smith

Cine-Soupcon - Weirdfilm Reviews by Stephen R. Bissette

Interview with Screenwriter Gary Crutcher by Chris Poggiali

Exterminating Angel: The First Post-Modern Horror Film? by Greg Goodsell

EXIT - Indie Film Review by JES

Interview with Mel Welles by Dennis Fischer

Split/Vision: Death Game vs. Knock Knock by Tim Ferrante and Scott Voisin

Sam Sherman Book Excerpt presented by Tim Ferrante

Three Times Comes The Grim Reaper by Robert Freese

MovieMania: Random Reviews

Paul Milligan Mini-Portfolio

Secrets of the 4:30 Movie by Tim Ferrante

Vintage Interview with M. Emmett Walsh by Kris Gilpin

The Strange Fate of Luigi Collo by Robert Freese

Oh! What a Night: Meeting Dario Argento & Daria Nicolodi</